Critical thinking (CT) is best seen as a set of important thinking skills that enable us to reason well and to make good judgements. These skills include analysis of arguments, evaluation of reasoning, interpretation (including that of evidence), and the production of arguments. As can be seen, these skills are of central importance in areas such as decision-making, making a case, and judging the significance of claims. CT can also be seen in terms of dispositions, such as being open-minded, wanting to be clear about issues, trusting reason, and being flexible, prudent, and focused.

This course provides a thorough grounding in the skills of reasoning, with a particular focus on business and management. It has been developed in collaboration with the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS). Dr Peter Lenney, Senior Lecturer at LUMS, has for many years been an enthusiastic advocate of the value of CT, and he has incorporated it into the programmes of management courses in the university. His strong emphasis on the value of good reasoning for managers is detailed on his website:

I have been working in the field of CT for over 30 years. This work has included developing and implementing a national CT examination, producing a wide range of teaching resources for different groups (in education, from kindergarten to postgraduate), consultancy, staff training (including the banking, waste disposal, and oil industries), and the production of a range of assessments for companies and organisations. I have written many books and articles on the subject, and have spoken at many international conferences on thinking skills. I have worked in many countries including France, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, and the UK. My company website ( gives details of the range of CT products and services that we offer.

It is to be hoped (indeed, expected) that you will find the course to be valuable in the development, practice, and reinforcement of your skills in critical thinking. 

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